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Sep. 24th, 2017 04:13 pm
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"Seriously the number 1 reason I don’t do anything social is ALWAYS Out of Spoons Error. Spending my break time interacting with coworkers I LIKE is still causing me to malfunction because for me a break has to be NO OTHER PEOPLE or I can’t recharge. So far I’m compensating (mostly by hiding at lunchtime) but it’s something to see an eye on going forward. I wish people understood having Limited Social Energy is NOT the same as being hostile or uninterested in building a relationship; it’s like having a teeny budget while hanging out with friend with Lots Of Money, I have to pick and choose what things to do with great care, or suffer, while they can do All The Things."
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Sep. 24th, 2017 04:09 pm
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Alex: "You could have told me!"
Evan: "I tried, but you were otherwise involved."
Alex: "That's no excuse! You should have made me listen to you."
Evan: "Obviously you've never tried to make you do anything!"

--Kristine Williams, Tools of Extinction

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Sep. 24th, 2017 01:32 pm
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Alex: “It's a nice ship, you know?"
Evan: "Yes, it is. And no, I don't think by wanting to use it you're forgetting or ignoring them or the fact that it was their ship. I think using it honors their memory more than letting it collect dust in the hold."
Alex: "You can read me like a book, can't you?"
Evan: "If you're a book I'd be interested in meeting the author.”

Alex: “You know, sometimes you make me want to beat my head with a stick."
Evan: "I never make you do anything. No Sha'erah makes a Keeper do anything."
Alex: "Ha! I guess that's just a matter of perception.”

Alex: “I suppose you think a ship named Defiant is fitting for me?"
Evan: "I can think of a few names that would be more appropriate, but I'm sure the military has restrictions about using certain words on their ships and uniforms.”

--Kristine Williams, Tools of Extinction

あの (ano)

Sep. 24th, 2017 01:10 am
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あの (ano)

    Meaning: that
    Example: あの人

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Both あの and その can be used with the meaning ‘that ‾’ when an item you are referring to is not in sight. あの is used when both the speaker and the hearer are (or are assumed to be) familiar with a person or thing in question.
ex: ano kanojou no namae wa yumi da.
trans: that girl's name is yumi.
あの (ano) and その (sono) are similar. However, ano is used for objects- people, places...and same with sono.

Ano however is for a thing far away from both the speaker and listener.

Meanwhile, sono is for something close to the listener but not close to the speaker.

Note: visit WWWJDIC to lookup any unknown words found in the example(s)...
Alternatively, view this page on POPjisyo.com or Rikai.com

Help JGram by picking and editing examples!!
  • In note contributed by jeina419, kanojou should be kanojo かのじょ 彼女 (contributor: Miki)
  • Is this JLPT level 3? I guess this is level 4. (contributor: Miki)
  • I thought that kanojou should be kanojyo in "normal" romanji? (contributor: walter)
  • ex 6194: Wouldn't the use of お父さん mean that わたしの is redundant? (contributor: walter)
  • In response to walter's questions:
    -There are several ways of Romanizing Japanese. Depending on the system you use, かのじょ could be either 'kanojo' or 'kanojyo'. Miki's point is that it's not 'kanojou' because there's no う on the end.
    -As for the second question...
    ...first off, you can use お父さん to talk about other people's fathers:
    みちこのお父さんは親切です。 - Michiko's father is kind.
    ...and secondly, if you're being formal (which the example seems to be), you'd normally us 父 (ちち) to refer to your own father. But that's not stopping anyone in more casual speech, though I think there's a tendency to drop the お in that case:
    I got forced to clean my room by my dad... (contributor: KWhazit)
  • I think this is more vocabulary than Grammar and its definatly level 4 (contributor: tigert)

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すぎる (sugiru)

Sep. 24th, 2017 01:08 am
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すぎる (sugiru)

    Meaning: too; too much; excessively
    Example: This problem is too difficult for me

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added to Verbs: Conjunctive form of Verb
(行く-->行き;食べる-->食べ) + すぎる
add to Adjectives: Root of Adjective
(むずかしい-->むすかし;大きい-->大き)+ すぎる

This construction can mean "too much," as in,
むずかしすぎる (too hard); 大きすぎる (too big) or it can mean "excessively," as in, 行きすぎる (to go too much); 食べすぎる (to eat too much).

Note: visit WWWJDIC to lookup any unknown words found in the example(s)...
Alternatively, view this page on POPjisyo.com or Rikai.com

Help JGram by picking and editing examples!!
  • With the examples here it would seem that

    tabesugiru = eat too much
    hanashisugiru = talk too much.

    Could anyone explain why 'hanashisugiru' means 'talk too much' but 'hayaku hanashisugiru' means 'speak too quickly'?

    From my understanding, I would have said that 'ano hito ha hayaku hanashisugimasu' translates as 'That person quickly speaks too much'. (contributor: bi-ru)
  • To me, "that person quickly speaks too much" doesn't make much sense. hayaku hanashisugiru means "speak too quickly" because hayaku is an adverb. Thus, it becomes hayakuhanasu + sugiru (speaks quickly + too much) = speaks too quickly (contributor: Ness)
  • Ah thanks Ness, it does make sense. I guess I'm thinking too much in English where it is speak [too quickly] rather than quickly speak [too much]. So I kept thinking I had to write something like hayasugite hanasu... (contributor: bi-ru)
  • ex #5711 in Japanese means "He talks too much." (contributor: bamboo4)
  • Corrected. Thank you bamboo4 (contributor: Miki)
  • hayaku hanashisugiru could also be "to speak too soon" although I doubt it has the same colloquial meaning as in english. (contributor: Matt)
  • sugiru is level 3 grammar point.its not in level 4 (contributor: ramu)
  • what if it is a na adjective? how do you add the sugiru then?
    (contributor: Burcksan)
  • ^ Yeah, I'd like to know this, too! (contributor: Himiko)
  • na adjective is きれいな、元気な、ひまな correct? We don't say like きれいな過ぎる.
    きれい過ぎる  too beautiful 元気すぎる  暇すぎる ... sounds negative
    とてもきれいな very beautiful とても元気な とても暇 (contributor: Miki)
  • One would not normally say "hanashisugiru" but would say "shaberisugiru" (しゃべり過ぎる)as in the example.
    (contributor: bambo4)
  • It should be noted that you don't use the kanji for 〜すぎる because it is an auxiliary verb in this construct, and one should not use kanji for auxiliary verbs. Similarly, one does not say 食べて来た nor 読んで行った, but rather 食べてきた and 読んでいった. (contributor: TheoMurpse)
  • Also, directed at Burcksan, 派手 is a na-adjective, so just look at ex #5716 for the answer. (contributor: TheoMurpse)
  • I've been thinking about the "sugiru" issue for quite some time. And, talking to some native speakers, I was told that when expressing something like "to talk too fast", constructions like "早すぎて話す" are not quite possible and I was also told that things like あの人は早く話しぎる do mean “That person quickly speaks too much”, like bi-ru just said. So, to express the idea of talking too fast, the best construction would be something like 話すのが早すぎる. I would like to see some replies to this, thanks.     (contributor: phbotelho)
  • phbotelho: I think you're right.
    While "早すぎて話す" is a bit odd and "早く話しすぎる" technically permissable, I think "話すのが早すぎる" feels the most natural. I'm not a native speaker though, so any native input on this?
    At any rate, Google seems to back this up with the three phrases giving me 0, 32, and 2500 hits respectively, the latter being a roughly comparable number to the hits for the English "speaks too quickly". (contributor: mochabean)

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Alone again

Sep. 23rd, 2017 06:36 pm
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Well, this morning my sister and her wife flew back to Hawaii after an eight-day visit here. We were up at 4:30 and out the door by five to take them to the airport, so I'm a bit tired, but I'm also really sad. I like my sister very much, and this was a great visit. They stayed with us, in our new den/guest room, which worked really well and, they tell us, was very comfortable. Yay! I took some photos, which didn't really turn out, but I'll post two anyway so you can see the new blinds on the French doors:


And here is the other end of the den:


We really like the blinds but mostly we like that they're installed because that's the official end of the remodel. We might do more stuff later, but right now, that's it. Done and dusted.

I spent several hours with Mother today, too, and as she said, it helped ease the pain of losing my sister until she returns in February. We had a quiet day, spending part of it in the garden, and then I massaged lotion on her arms and legs and rubbed her feet.

Anyway, my sister is three thousand miles away.

Because they were here and we were so busy, I didn't practice ukulele or yoga, and I didn't read much online. I do have a few links but first I want to recommend the documentary Score. I loved it so much and am encouraging Webster to see it as well. I gather it was kickstarter funded??? Whatever, it was really interesting and I learned a lot.

I also want to recommend a new-to-me podcast, The Fall Line. I learned about it from Georgia Hardstarck on My Favorite Murder and I'm grateful she mentioned it. Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook (often misnamed as "Millbrooks"), 15, disappeared on the afternoon of March 18, 1990. They have not been seen since. Their case was closed in 1991, and not reopened until 2013. Many neighbors expressed surprise, stating that they didn't even know the girls had gone missing, or that they heard the twins had been found.

What happened to the twins? Why was their case closed? Why did they receive so little media attention? Where does their case stand now?
Heartbreaking. Similar in structure to Somebody Knows Something, another great podcast.

I miss the ocean! So I really enjoyed this timelapse of a thirty day sea voyage. Found via Kottke, of course.

Alas, I have been paying attention to politics and we have called both our senators about that horrible health care bill, fat lot of good that will do. But as a Bay Area girl in my heart, I was pretty thrilled to read the official Golden State Warriors statement: We believe there is nothing more American than our citizens having the right to express themselves freely on matters important to them. Ha!

And that's it from me. I need to recover a bit, get back into uke and yoga, and of course catch up with all of you. I hope you are well.
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Alex: “You know what I think it is? I think we got off balance somewhere down the line. I think you should just go ahead and hit me.”
Evan: "What?"
Alex: “Yeah, that's it. I think if you go ahead and hit me, knock some sense around in there, maybe we'll start making sense."
Evan: "You're being ridiculous."
Alex: "It couldn't hurt, figuratively speaking."
Evan: "You're assuming there's sense in there to knock into place."
Alex: "Yeah, I guess you're right.”

--Kristine Williams, Madness

Out For the Weekend

Sep. 23rd, 2017 03:54 pm
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て形+はいけない (ては行け無い) (tehaikenai)

    Meaning: you shouldn't, one should not
    Example: 美術館で写真を撮ってはいけない。/You shouldn't take picture in the museum.

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Gerund form (Vて形) + は + いけない
Gerund form (Vて形) + は + いけません
Doing that, it cannot work. => You should not do that.

Note: visit WWWJDIC to lookup any unknown words found in the example(s)...
Alternatively, view this page on POPjisyo.com or Rikai.com

Help JGram by picking and editing examples!!
  • Technically 行けない is as ok as is いけない. But since it is part of a grammatical structure, the "directed walking" aspect of 行 is unpreferable, thus Hiragana-form is found more often. (contributor: adnim)
  • This entry has a typo in it. Clearly the "形" is not part of the entry (unless it is completely silent. )
    I suspect that the "形" in "Gerund form (Vて形)" was made part of the entry by mistake. (contributor: Kurt Schmucker)
  • ...?
    て形 means te-form, so it doesn't seem to be a typo. Unless I'm missing something here. (contributor: ochacha)

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する (suru)

Sep. 23rd, 2017 01:10 am
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する (suru)

    Meaning: to do (irregular verb)
    Example: I study Japanese.

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There are only two irregular verbs, kuru (to come) and suru (to do).

The verb "suru" is probably the most often used verb in Japanese. It is used as "to do," "to make," or "to cost". It is also combined with many nouns (of Chinese or Western origin) to make them into verbs.

Note: visit WWWJDIC to lookup any unknown words found in the example(s)...
Alternatively, view this page on POPjisyo.com or Rikai.com

Help JGram by picking and editing examples!!   See Also:  
  • itashimasu    (itashimasu is like a keigo (super polite, humble) version of suru)
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  • 常体 = Plain / Direct form ‾る[‾ru]
    敬体 = Polite / Distal form ‾ます [‾masu] (contributor: Amatuka)
  • Note that in textbooks outside of Japan する suru is usually introduced as an 'irregular verb'.
    However inside Japan it is referred to as サ変, also still can be used for some other verbs (e.g. 準ずる).
    Similarly the 'irregular' verb くる kuru is referred to as カ変. (contributor: Amatuka)
  • What is Shitara

    Shita is did but what is the ra for? (contributor: Popo)
  • shitara... if/when you do/did
    look at the tara entry. (contributor: dc)
  • #5004 I will do my laundry tomorrow. is 明日洗濯するよ。掃除する is to clean etc. (contributor: Miki)
  • As I understand it, したら in #5005 and した in #5892 are forms of する -- maybe they should be marked red in the examples. (contributor: balrog-kun)
  • So are suru & shiru conjugated the same? (contributor: Prof3ssor MGW)

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"I love you too, Evan."

Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:05 pm
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I didn't remember this remark at all.

Alex: “I just never cared much for things."
Evan: "I know. And it shows. I think these rich people, some of them anyway, find it intriguing."
Alex: "Most of them find it annoying. I know my mother always did."
Evan: "I think it's honest."
Alex: "Yeah?"
Evan: "At least you never pretend. I never realized how much difference that could make. I'd go out with you.”

...Really! Under what circumstances, I wonder?

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:51 pm
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I was updating Mint today. When I got back to the beginning of the year and saw the garage bill I was like, “What on Earth happened to my car in January?! ...Oh, right."

By the time I had listed all desired car repairs to my (awesome) mechanic, I had to finish with, "Oh, and the windshield is cracked all the way across; sorry about that. It's getting replaced tomorrow." He was like, "Wow, I hope everyone's okay." I just looked at him for a second before I realized he must think I'd been in an accident. "Oh," I said, "Yeah, it's fine. It happened while the car was parked in the driveway."

"...Will this one do?"

Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:38 pm
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Alex: “We should eat something. What do you feel like?"
Evan: "I... Whatever you want is fine with me."
Alex: "Well, what I want is for you to pick a place."
Evan: "Did you have anything specific in mind?"
Alex: "No. I want you to pick something you want. It's not rocket science, Evan. You do it all the time anyway."
Evan: "What do you mean by that?"
Alex: "You're always making the decision what to eat and when."
Evan: "That's because you get so busy you forget to take care of yourself. Someone has to."
Alex: "So you make decisions all the time. You're only getting angry now because I told you I wanted you to pick something you want, instead of something you think I want."
Evan: "I'm not angry. I just don't see the need to make such a distinction. If you want me to find a place for us to eat, that's fine. Why do you have to make a point about whether or not I want the same thing?"
Alex: "You know, you are the hardest person to be nice to sometimes."

--Kristine Williams, Madness

New Books and ARCs, 9/22/17

Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:52 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

Just in time for the weekend, a new batch of books and ARCs at the Scalzi Compound for you to peruse. Which would you want to give a place in your own “to be read” stack? Tell us in the comments.

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